Carpet Sample Displays

Our Carpet Sample Displays are a cost-effective and easy-to-assemble way to show smaller rolls of carpet. These quality-built displays are easy to assemble and can be mounted back to back to create an impressive island display or fit between racks, such as our Premier Series, for seamless integration.

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More Samples to Show

Our Carpet Samples Displays are all about maximizing display potential for carpet samples and smaller carpets, especially when floor space is limited. Our versatile design is available for 27”, 36”, 60” & 72” wide rolls, giving you a wide adaptable range to match your store’s needs.

Convenient Rack System 

Our Carpet Samples Displays allow you to put each carpet roll on a convenient pull each individual track out for viewing two rugs at a time. Instead of requiring a lot of sideroom for swinging arms, customers can easily access the rugs for viewing two rugs simultaneously. Create a simple, yet efficient system to display rugs with maximum convenience.

Custom Units Available

We understand that every showroom is unique. That’s why we offer custom units tailored to fit your specific needs. Our team is dedicated to designing a Carpet Sample display that seamlessly integrates into your existing layout, ensuring that your space is utilized to its fullest potential.

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Comes Complete With Our Patented GD-70 or GD-60 Rug Clips

Every Carpet Sample display system comes equipped with our patented GD-70 or GD-60 Rug Clips, ensuring your rugs are displayed securely and with ease. These innovative clips are designed for durability and ease of use, enhancing the overall functionality and user experience of our display systems.

Specs and Measurements

System Type Panel Size No. Samples Model

Single Panel System

Carpet Sample Display
10 Panels *

30” x 72”

Each Panel Holds

22 – 18” x 27” or
44 – 13” x 18”

Carpet Sample Display
20 Panels *
30” x 72” 22 – 18” x 27” or
44 – 13” x 18”

Single Panel System

Carpet Sample Display
10 Double Panels **

60” x 72”

Each Panel Holds

44 – 18” x 27” or
88 – 13” x 18”

Carpet Sample Display
20 Double Panels **
60” x 72” 44 – 18” x 27” or
88 – 13” x 18”

* Each single panel will hold up to:
22 – 18” x 27” or 44 – 13” x 18”
carpet samples.

** Each double panel will hold up to:
44 – 18” x 27” or 88 – 13” x 18”
carpet samples.
Required clip GD89 sold separately

Model Arms A B C
CSD-10 10 6’-5” 2’-10” 7’-6”
CSD-20 20 11’ 2’-10” 7’-6”
DSCD-10 10 10’-3” 5’-4” 7’-6”
DCSD-20 20 14’-2” 5’-4” 7’-6”


Frequently asked questions

Galt Display Rack’s The Premier Series Displays are specifically designed to maximize floor space, especially if you don’t have the space for a swinging arm display. It consists of individual tracks that can be pulled out to view two rugs simultaneously, allowing for a smooth and convenient partial viewing of both rugs.

Absolutely! We understand that each retail space has its unique dimensions and requirements. The Premier Series Displays are highly customizable to fit your specific store layout. Our team can alter the frame sizes to accommodate as many individual tracks as you require to seamlessly integrate into your store layout.

Our patented GD-70 and GD-60 rug clips are a key feature of the Premier Series Displays. These clips are designed to securely hold rugs in place without causing damage. They offer a perfect balance of security and ease of use, allowing for quick changes and updates to your display. This innovative design ensures that your rugs are showcased securely and elegantly, enhancing the overall customer experience.

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