Freestanding Track Series

Introducing our Freestanding Track Series Displays – a modern alternative to traditional swing arm racks. These units can accommodate 20 to 40 rugs with ease. Our design, focusing on both aesthetics and functionality, stands independently, eliminating the need for additional structural support. The essence of these displays lies in their simplicity and efficiency, offering a seamless way to exhibit a variety of rugs in a compact space.

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View Two Area Rugs at a Time

Our thoughtful design allows for viewing two area rugs simultaneously, enhancing the customer experience. This feature is particularly beneficial in showcasing contrasts and comparisons, making it easier for customers to make informed decisions. The dual-view capability also serves as a visual delight, adding an extra dimension to your display aesthetics.

Area Rugs Glide Effortlessly for Easy Display

Ease and elegance come together in our Freestanding Track Series. The area rugs glide smoothly along the tracks on quiet nylon rollers, ensuring a serene and hassle-free browsing experience. The addition of comfortable handles on each rug bar accentuates the user-friendly nature of these displays, making rug selection a pleasure for customers.

Available in 2 or 3 Bay Displays

Catering to diverse space and storage needs, our Track Series is available in both 2 and 3 bay designs. The three-bay model features a central viewing section flanked by storage areas, while the two-bay design dedicates one side to storage and the other to display. Each model is crafted to maximize space efficiency and display effectiveness, ensuring your collection is presented in the best light.

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Custom Design Options Available

In addition to our standard models, we take pride in offering custom design solutions to meet your specific display needs. Understanding that each space and collection is unique, our team is dedicated to creating tailored Freestanding Track Series Displays that align perfectly with your requirements. Whether you need variations in size, color, material, or layout, we’ll work closely with you to bring your vision to life. Let us help you create a display solution that is as unique as your collection.

Specs and Measurements

Description Model
6’ x 9’ carpets, 40 arms TS3-69
8’ x 10’ carpets, 40 arms TS3-810
9’ x 12’ carpets, 40 arms TS3-912
Mesh Panel for Oval Rugs TS-M
Description Model
6’ x 9’ carpets, 20 arms TS3-69
8’ x 10’ carpets, 20 arms TS3-810
9’ x 12’ carpets, 20 arms TS3-912
Mesh Panel for Oval Rugs TS-M
Arm Size Arms A B C
TS3-69 6 x 9’ 40 19’-6” 8’ 10’-8”
TS3-810 8 x 10’ 40 25’-6” 8’ 11’-8”
TS3-912 9 x 12’ 40 28’-6” 8’ 13’-8”
TS2-69 6 x 9’ 20 13’-1” 8’ 10’-8”
TS2-810 8 x 10’ 20 17’-1” 8’ 11’-8”
TS2-912 9 x 12’ 20 19’-1” 8’ 13’-8”


Frequently asked questions

The Freestanding Track Series Displays are designed to efficiently accommodate a range of 20 to 40 area rugs, depending on the model and configuration you choose. This flexibility allows for a versatile display of your rug collection, catering to both smaller boutique spaces and larger showroom floors.

No, there is no need for any modifications or additional structural support in your space. Our Freestanding Track Series Displays are designed to be self-supporting and can be placed independently anywhere in your showroom or retail space. This feature provides you with the flexibility to rearrange or relocate the displays as needed.

Absolutely! We offer custom design services to ensure that your display meets your specific needs. Whether it’s a matter of size, color, material, or layout, our team can create a display that perfectly fits your space and complements your collection. Simply contact us with your requirements, and we’ll work with you to design a display that is uniquely yours.

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