Why using a Galt Display Rack ERG vs. a ladder makes a ton of sense!

erg display rack

In the world of retail, safety is always a top priority. No one wants a serious injury or a lawsuit. When it comes to loading rugs onto tall display racks, businesses often face a choice between using ladders and investing in innovative solutions like the Galt Display Rack ERG (Electric Rug Gallery). Let’s explore the safety benefits of the Galt Display Rack ERG compared to using ladders.

The Safety Risks of Using Ladders

The use of ladders is a leading source of injury in the workplace, and using ladders to load rugs onto tall racks is no exception. Climbing up and down ladders, especially when carrying bulky or heavy rugs, increases the likelihood of slips, trips, and falls, potentially leading to serious injuries. Even a momentary loss of balance can have devastating consequences for employees and can result in costly workers’ compensation claims for businesses.

Additionally, ladders can be unstable, particularly when placed on uneven surfaces or used on slick floors. This instability can cause the ladder to wobble or shift unexpectedly, further increasing the risk of accidents. Moreover, reaching overhead to load rugs onto high racks while standing on a ladder can strain muscles and joints, leading to fatigue and ergonomic injuries over time.

Introducing the Galt Display Rack ERG

The Galt Display Rack ERG offers a safer alternative to using ladders for loading rugs onto tall racks. This innovative system utilizes electric mechanisms to lift and lower rugs, eliminating the need for employees to climb ladders or risk their safety by reaching overhead. With the push of a button, rugs can be effortlessly loaded onto the display rack at a comfortable and ergonomic height, reducing the strain on employees’ bodies and minimizing the risk of injury. This also allows rugs to be loaded by a single employee, freeing up others to focus on other tasks, including speaking to customers. 

Reduced Strain and Fatigue

Loading rugs onto tall racks can be physically demanding, especially when using ladders. The repetitive motion of climbing up and down, as well as the strain of lifting and carrying heavy rugs, can lead to fatigue and musculoskeletal injuries over time. By automating the loading process, the Galt Display Rack ERG reduces the physical strain on employees, allowing them to work more comfortably and efficiently while minimizing the risk of injury. Eliminating this repetitive manual and straining task can also help reduce employee turnover. 


When it comes to loading rugs onto tall display racks, safety should always be a priority. While using ladders may seem like a quick and easy solution, it comes with inherent risks that can jeopardize the well-being of employees and the integrity of the merchandise. The Galt Display Rack ERG offers a safer alternative, providing enhanced stability, control, and ergonomics during the loading process. By investing in innovative solutions like the Galt Display Rack ERG, businesses can create a safer working environment for their employees while maximizing efficiency and productivity. Contact Galt Display Rack for more information.