Tips on How to Maintain Your Electric Rug Display

electric rug gallery 3

Galt Display Rack’s patented Electric Rug Gallery is an industry-leading rug display system that allows for easy and safe loading and unloading of even the heaviest rugs by one person. This eliminates the need for ladders or strained muscles and saves valuable floor space.

However, to ensure the system continues to operate safely and efficiently, it requires regular maintenance. In today’s blog, we will give you some helpful tips on how to maintain your electric rug display.

Gallery Series Electric arms


Safety Brake

Begin by inspecting the brake pads on each arm. It is crucial to replace the brake pad if:

  • it is torn
  • separated from the wedge
  • or missing pieces

In these cases, contact Galt Display Rack Co. and ensure you do not use the arm until all safety brake components have been replaced.

Additionally, thoroughly clean the pads by removing all dust, lint, or debris to maintain proper functioning. Examine the condition of the linkage, pins, end clips, and engagement spring, replacing any damaged or missing components. Finally, verify the linkage movements by slowly lifting the arm and trolley assembly to ensure everything operates smoothly.


Next, lower each arm to its lowest position and inspect the entire length of the cable. If the cable is kinked, has broken surface strands of wire, or displays open strands of cable, it must be replaced. To avoid any safety risks, do not use the arm until the cable has been replaced.


Another important step is checking the frame. Ensure all assembly bolts are tight and re-tighten any loose bolts. Also, inspect the anchor bolts in the floor and tighten any that are loose. Keeping the frame secure will help maintain the overall stability of your Electric Rug Display and prevent potential tipping, which could lead to injury to your employees and customers and/or damage to property.

erg maintenance guide


When inspecting the trolley and arm assemblies, check all bolts and components for any signs of looseness or missing parts. Tighten any loose bolts and replace any missing components promptly. Refer to the parts list and contact Galt Display for replacements as needed. Ensuring these elements are in good condition will help maintain the smooth operation of your display.

Safety Collars

Finally, verify that the locking collars are in place and the set screws are tight. Tighten any loose set screws and replace any missing collars to prevent any potential malfunctions. Regular checks and maintenance of these components are vital for the safe operation of your Electric Rug Display.

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